3110 N Hayden Rd. Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 | Phone 480-994-4848

Welcome! Come Join Us!

Welcome to Church Of The Holy Cross Missouri Synod. We are a Christian congregation in a central/southern neighborhood of Scottsdale, Arizona. (Hayden, North of Thomas Rd) You are invited to join us as we meet together to receive and celebrate God’s forgiveness and love.

Adult Bible Study and Children’s Educational Programs

Sunday 10:30am

Current Series: We are wrapping up our Bible Study on the Fruit of the Spirit. These next 2-3 weeks we explore and celebrate the Goodness of God. Then we will begin our “Great Hymns of the Faith” Bible Study as we focus on a new hymn each week.

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Tips And No Tricks

Keys to a Happy Marriage

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Recipes of Happiness

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After You Got Married

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Effective Methods for Families

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Time with You Family

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Online Consulation

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