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January 16, 2021 E-Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of Holy Cross Lutheran,

This week our theme is focused on the question, “Who is Following You?”  Whether we realize it of not, there are people who are following us that we influence.  Who are the people that follow us, how do we choose them and how are we influencing them?  Today, we look at the example of Jesus and how he influenced twelve individuals who would change the world and in the process learn a system that will better our lives.

Pastor Jon’s sermon for January 16-17:  “Who is Following You?”  Mark 1:4-11

Liturgy for January 16-17 including Scripture readings and prayers.

Worship hymns and other singing resources:

If you click on the link below it will take you to a free song library that has 162 worship songs.  There is a search bar on the first page and you can type in songs like “Amazing Grace”, “Silent Night”, “Beautiful Savior”, etc. and it will take you directly to the song.  The other option is to scroll through the songs and pick some you want.  The search tool is the quickest and easiest.  You can use this any time you want to sing along with Christians hymns.  It is a great resource that has been put out by the Michigan District for church and public use.  Click on the link below and it will open up another way for you to worship the Lord.

Thank you for those of you that are supporting the mission and ministry of Holy Cross.  Your sacrifice to God’s work is greatly appreciated and is an expression of our thankfulness to God for who He is and all He does for us.  If you are unable to attend worship, please send your offerings to the church office or give through our secure online platform.

To watch an entire service, our partner congregation, St. Mark Lutheran, posts three services on their website each week at

A Message from the Church Council:

Holy Cross has a partnership agreement with St. Mark Phoenix which runs through June. They have been assisting us in various ways including making Pastor Jon’s service here possible. The church council has been looking at what comes next when the current agreement ends in June. We have been in contact with the District President on our possible options. St. Mark has presented a proposal for us to have a permanent partnership with them. Pursuing this permanent partnership seems to be our best alternative, although we would still be open to other possibilities. This partnership would mean that Pastor Jon would remain here for the foreseeable future. If you have any comments, please let any council member know as we work with St. Mark to come up with a final agreement.

We began a new topic in our Wednesday Bible study in which we will focus on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  If you would like to join this Zoom Bible study, please contact the church office to get the link.  We also have a study on Sundays at 10:15 a.m. in the fellowship hall focusing on the readings we have each week in our worship services.

Thank you to everyone who helped take down the Christmas decorations.

May God guide us to continue to work through Him to make 2021 an amazing year.


Pastor Jon

Partnership with Pastor Jon Bjorgaard and St. Mark Lutheran

Pastor Jon Bjorgaard and the people of St. Mark Lutheran will be working with Pastor Murphy and the people of Holy Cross during the upcoming months in helping to plan and implement ideas and initiatives to help lead Holy Cross on a path for long-term health and growth.  It is God who can do all things and Pastor Jon is a strong believer in the power of God and the great potential that Holy Cross has to do even greater things as we move forward into the future in this ever-changing world.

Bible Studies

Sunday Bible Study at 10:15 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall, focusing on the readings we have each week in our worship services.

We began a new topic in our Wednesday Bible study, focusing on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  If you would like to join this Zoom Bible study, please contact the church office: and they will send you the meeting link.


If you have an Amazon Prime account, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to Holy Cross. To find out more click HERE. A few of our members have already signed up. It takes only 2-3 minutes.