Eye of the Storm

We are navigating through challenging times. In my 61 years of life so far, I have never seen anything like what we are experiencing now with this Coronavirus pandemic. People are panicking, stores are running out of important supplies like toilet paper. One important thing I would like to remind each of us, is that even though it may seem like the world in living in scarcity, we are actually living in abundance. We have a God who abundantly blesses us all the time, even when it seems like the world is going crazy. Our God gives us everything we need and more and because of what Jesus has done for us, our destiny is eternal. Our past, present and future are secure in Jesus and nothing can take that away. We have every reason to rejoice, not just now, but always. Our God is more powerful than the challenges that we have and through Him and His love for us in Jesus, we are “More then Conquerors”. At Holy Cross we want to help you through these challenging times. We have a family with open arms to walk alongside of you and let you know about the Love God has for you. Visit us at scottsdalehohycross.org.

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